Pupils use sketchbooks to practise art techniques including mixing colour and experimenting with secondary and tertiary colour. They develop a cultural understanding of Islamic art as part of their topic work on pattern. Pupils use a range of materials such as oil pastels and acrylics when learning about tribal art from Papua New Guinea, as well as Australian Aboriginal art. Pupils learn about two artists: Henri Matisse (colour and pattern topics) and Hokusai wave artist from Japan. Pupils also learn about various art techniques, both traditional and contemporary, through printing and felting topics. By using these skills, pupils learn about some historical and cultural background of these art techniques.


Pupils use sketchbooks to learn about techniques including monograms and texture drawing. In these topics, they learn about using graphite, charcoal and inktense pencils as well as learning about shade and tone. Pupils also learn to develop their art skills mixing watercoulours and inks, as well as using materials including papier mache. Pupils learn about artists: Georgia O'keefe and Karl Blosfeldt. They learn about traditional plate painting such as Spode when learning about Chinese willow pattern.


Pupils use sketch books to develop their creative ideas and practise their art skills. As part of their topic on collage, they learn about using recycled materials for art work. When learning about the art technique, Pointillism, pupils learn about the impressionist movement and artists such as Georges Seurat. As part of a topic on textile painting, pupils learn about the cultural aspect of fabric painting in traditional African art. Pupils also experiment with learning how to make a wax scraper board as part of surreal art. They also learn some aspects of 3D sculpture using wire and modroc in order to increase their proficiency in handling different materials. Pupils are introduced to the work of artists Wassily Kandinski and Salvador Dali. Pupils learn to strengthen the visual impact of their work through a topic on graphic communication and packaging.


Pupils use sketch books to explore ideas about the visual impact of their work when experimenting with graffiti styles using chalk pastels. They also learn about artists such as Banksy. The project on portrait enables the pupils to practise their drawing skills, with specific focus on light and dark shading. When studying pop art, pupils learn about contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol, they also learn how to make a self portrait into pop art style. Pupils also learn about the influence of artists Picasso and van Gogh, this again is used to strengthen the visual impact of their own work. They learn about the architectural period of Art Deco and Scottish artist, Rennie Mackintosh. The penultimate topic on masks enable pupils to increase their proficiency in handling different materials as well as learning about the cultural development of masks throughout the world.