Pupils learn how to greet one another and ask and answer every day questions about themselves. They have an introduction to several modern foreign languages through stories, then learn how to name pets, clothes, food and drink, places in town, finishing with a discussion of the weather.


Pupils are introduced to the French alphabet and learn how to say which family members, pets and pencil case items they have. They develop questions about birthdays and are able to give additional key information about themselves ( nationality, personality, appearance ). 


Pupils learn how to use high frequency verbs to talk about their school day and which sports and spare time activities they do. They learn how to describe where they live and give opinions on their town. They learn how to say what they are going to do for holidays and how to use key transactional phrases to ask for items in shops.


Pupils develop their grammatical understanding of the past tense, learning how to say what they have done. They use reflective verbs to discuss their daily routine and make arrangements, revising 24 hour clock. They explore French culture through a creative module and extend their ability to pick out key points from longer written and spoken passages, as well as extending independant writing skills.