Across both key stage 2 (Y5/6) and key stage 3 (Y7/8) we have planned topics in line with the new national curriculum that enables the children to gain knowledge and develop an understanding of British and wide world history as well as the skills to carry out enquiries using chronology, sources, historical terms, structured writing and interpretation of the past.


A depth study of the ancient Egyptian civilisation including the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb.

A study of the Shang Dynasty focussing on the importance of historical evidence.

A local study of Hexham Abbey focusing on life in a medieval monastery.


The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England up to 11th century.

Britain in 1930s and 40s which focusses on the impact of the Gt Depression and Home Front during Second World War.


The development of Church, State and Society 1066-1509 . Focusing on Norman Conquest, Murder of Thomas Becket, Black Death, Magna Carta.

The Development of Church, State and Society 1509-1745. Focusing on Life in 1500s, Causes of Eighth Civil War, Life under Cromwell.


The French Revolution. Focusing on the causes, events leading to execution of Louis XV1.

Ideas, Political Power, Industry and Empire 1745-1901. Focusing on the Slave Trade, the Industrial Revolution and Lead Mining in North Pennines.