Physical Education

Aims and Provision

In Physical Education we encourage pupils to experience a range of different sporting activities. There is an emphasis on fair play, teamwork, and safety and the development of a healthy lifestyle both in and out of school is promoted.


Pupils develop ball skills in a range of team games including tag rugby, football, rounders. An understanding of the importance of having an active lifestyle is taught in fitness lessons where pupils develop their knowledge of different types of fitness.

As stated in National Curriculum all KS2 pupils are expected to reach the requirement of swimming 25m.

Pupils try to complete challenges and overcome obstacles as an individual or as a small team in outdoor or adventurous activities.

In gymnastics pupils develop flexibility, control and balance and they perform dances using a range of movement patterns in their unit on Dance.

In the summer the pupils learn a range of different techniques in Athletics and have the opportunity to improve on their performances.



Pupils look to develop tactical and strategic play as well as further developing their skills in team games such as rugby, football, netball, basketball, rounders, softball.

In fitness pupils take different tests of components of fitness and concentrate on being able to effectively warm themselves and others up to be able to safely take part in physical activity.

In gymnastics pupils develop their skills using apparatus and dance lessons use more advanced skills and begin to introduce the concept of choreography to students.

Athletics lessons allow pupils to try and improve on their previous best scores and to compare and analyse their technique as well as other pupils'.

Outdoor and adventurous lessons consolidate team work and communication principles whilst further developing map reading and problem solving skills.


In both key stages pupils are given a range of extra curricular sporting opportunities where they can further develop their skills and social interaction with their peers.