Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)


Spiritual Development

We provide the children with many opportunities during Collective Acts of Worship, Masses and RE lessons to reflect about their faith and encourage them to respect other faiths and religious beliefs.

We encourage and support them to put the Gospel message of love and forgiveness into practice in their everyday lives and put Christ at the centre.

We encourage and support the children to use their God given gifts and talents for the benefit of others especially those less fortunate than ourselves.

We encourage the children to care for God's creation and learn to appreciate and develop a fascination and curiosity about the world we live in.

We are all special and unique in God's eyes so we encourage self worth and self esteem by showing respect for eachother.

We help the children to understand and manage their emotions and feelings and if necessary provide additional support.

We provide opportunities throughout the day to come together in various groups to pray.


 Moral Development

We provide a Code of Conduct which is explained clearly to the children and consistently implemented.

We encourage and support positive relationships between all members of our community.

We encourage the children to take on roles which will help others eg Y5 buddies, bus buddies.

We expect high standards of behaviour and help the children to understand that there are consequences for their actions. We have a culture of forgiveness.

We help the children to understand the difference between right and wrong, encourage them to tell the truth and respect others and their property.

We explain the importance of rules and help the children in their understanding as to why we have them both in school and in society in general. 


Social Development

We help the children to understand what is meant by anti social behaviour including using inappropriate language and terms about other children.

We encourage the children to take part in the many clubs and extra curricular activities. 

We organise a range of school/PTA social events for the children to be involved in during the year as well as various community and parish events.

During lessons across the curriculum there are planned activities for the children to work collaboratively in groups or pairs.

We ensure that the children are made aware of the safety issues associated with the internet and social media.


Cultural Development

As a specialist Arts College we ensure that there is a broad and balanced range of arts activities (art, music, drama, dance) for the children to take part in throughout the year including Arts Week.

We organise a wide variety of cultural and residential trips for the children both in the UK and Europe and we have also been involved in an international sports project with schools from Austria and Germany.

We have established a link with a school in the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne with reciprocal visits organised for our Y6 children. We also have a curriculum link with a school in Kenya for our Y7 children.

We encourage and support the children to be involved in a wide range of local, national and international cultural events and actvities during the year.

We organise a biennial school production at a local theatre and encourage as many children as possible to take part. 

We organise mock elections to take part in to run parallel with national and European elections which will help the children in their understanding of our democratic processes.



The above experiences in SMSC will help the children in their development as they grow up and become active citizens in modern Britain. They will also help them to appreciate and respect our fundamental British values.