St. Joseph's Parent Teacher Association

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The PTA was formed to raise money for the school, and it is very much appreciated. All parents and staff are automatically members. All the money raised by the PTA is to enhance the provision for the children at St. Joseph's.


 Over the past two years the PTA raised about £14000 to help towards the cost of purchasing 30 ipads for use in the classrooms and benching for a quiet area adjacent to the playground.


Children's discos 2015-16 (7.00 - 8.30pm)

9th October

20th November

11th December

5th February

15th July

Minutes of meetings 2015-16  Click on link below:

PTA AGM September 2015 

October 2015

Please volunteer to help with at least one fund raising event this year. Without parental support the events cannot take place.


If you are willing to help please contact school.

Thank you in advance for your support. 


Committee members 2015-16

Eleanor Stoves (Chair)

Lucy Irving (Vice Chair) 

Arianne Baty (Secretary)

Lucy Irving(Treasurer)

Nicola Scott (100 Club)

Nicola Scott (Disco Coordinator)

Fiona Conley(Staff Rep) 


 Christmas Fair 

 Every December the PTA organises a Christmas Fair which includes a bumper raffle with superb prizes and many indoor stalls. This year the Fair raised £1400.


In St. Joseph's we have discos mainly in the autumn and spring terms. There is a fixed entry price of £3.00 which has been agreed by the PTA and the School Council. The pupils really enjoy them with about 100 coming each time. We have a regular DJ who plays all the popular CDs. Some of the discos are themed.