School Uniform



St Joseph’s RC Middle School Uniform

The following has been agreed after discussion between School Council, Senior Leaders and Staff

The full uniform is set out in the prospectus

  • Boots and trainers can be worn to and from school throughout the year but children must change into appropriate black shoes to wear in school.
  • Appropriate sandals (i.e. no flip flop style sandals) can be worn in school throughout the summer months. Sandals cannot be worn in practical lessons for example D&T
  • Jeans or fashion trousers MUST NOT be worn at school.
  • School skirts must be of a sensible length.
  • Hoodies are not to be worn in lessons.
  • Hair bands must only be in the appropriate shades of blue, black, gold or yellow.
  • Decorated hair slides should not be more than 3cm in diameter.
  • Nail polish or make up should not be worn in school.
  • A watch can be worn in school.
  • Earrings (1 pair only) should be either gold, blue or silver studs and of a simple shape.

 Items of uniform can be purchased from Greggs Sports, Battle Hill, Hexham.



Red Reminder Cards to be given to a pupil if uniform is inappropriate.  After three red cards Mrs Seddon /Mr Rosier will speak to  the pupil and if necessary a letter will be sent home to parents.

Wearing correct school uniform is listed in the Home-School Agreement in the school planner. The staff and governors greatly appreciate the parental support in this matter. Time and time again visitors to the school comment upon the smartness of the pupils in their school uniform.